The History of AAHS Chapter 122

The Australian Antiquarian Horological Society was founded as a non-profit organisation in 1975 by a group of Horological enthusiasts including both amateurs and professionals. The inaugural meeting called on 5th May in that year was held in the Theatrette of the Melbourne Science Museum, which subsequently became the club’s ‘home’ until 1979. In November of that year the regular venue for meetings was changed to the Camberwell Town Hall Theatrette. There it remained until accommodation pressures from a rapidly expanding membership and a growing array of associated facilities (particularly the Club library) finally forced the Committee to again seek more commodious quarters. Thus, in April 1997, the Society met for the first time at the main Hall of Burwood Uniting Church, Hysclop Street, Burwood. The Society now meets at its present ‘home’ – the Pines Seniors Centre at 25 Central Road, Blackburn, Melbourne. The Society has maintained about 200 members throughout its history.

The AAHS Lending Library was established in 1978. Over the years, this has been built up, both through purchase and donation of books, to the extent that it now represents an extremely important resource and asset for the Society and its members. Books donated by members are suitably inscribed to acknowledge the gift.

In 1981 AAHS accepted affiliation with, and became Chapter 122 of the American-based National Association of Watch and clock Collectors (NAWCC). This link, although not entitling our individual members to many of the benefits enjoyed by fully paid-up NAWCC members (e.g.: Receipt of journal publications etc.) has nevertheless provided our club as a whole with access to some useful facilities, such as the lending library of Horological films and video tapes. Although full membership of NAWCC is not a pre-requisite for belonging to AAHS, our members are nevertheless encouraged to consider also subscribing to the larger organisation, in order to maximize the benefits accruing from the dual connection.

The Constitution originally adopted by the Society in 1975, provided the basis for the drafting of the Rules of Association for Incorporation of the Society in 1992. Under these Rules, the Society continues to be governed by a Committee of Management, comprised of four Officers (President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer), a Librarian, an Editor and four other representative members. The Committee meets regularly and formally reports the business affairs of the Society to the membership at the Annual General Meeting, held in the month of September each year. Elections of Officers and other members of the Committee of Management are also conducted at that meeting.

Under the dual AAHS/NAWCC Chapter 122 title, the Society publishes its Newsletter four times annually. As well as announcements of coming events and reports of past events, the Newsletter may include communications from the Committee, articles from members, reprints of technically and historically interesting papers and advertising material from early books and journals.

The Society meets monthly and runs two regularly programmed marts each year. The mid-year event normally occupies the June meeting slot. The ‘Christmas Mart’, which is planned as a family event is held the second Saturday in December. The AAHS charges small commissions on the lots auctioned and for Mart Tables, providing it with much-needed income to help cover operating costs.


• To promote the study, research, repair and knowledge of clocks, watches and related tools.
• To encourage and foster interest in relation to all aspects and all periods of Horology.
• To promote an interchange of collecting and study interests between members.
• To collect and preserve Horological information and historically important Horological items.
• To encourage the preservation and development of Horological skills and techniques, particularly those of earlier periods.
• To encourage restoration which is sympathetic and appropriate to the period of the Clock, Watch or Horological Tools.
• To publish and circulate newsletters, books and other information that furthers the objectives of the Association.
• To affiliate this Association with kindred Associations within Australia and overseas.